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Impact Soundworks Shreddage 3 Legacy (KONTAKT) [Updated]




Includes: Lefty-Righty pick-up on the bridge and headstock pick-up to give you the classic one-coil sound and a great “altitude” tone for your favorite old-school style music. Also, this guitar is available with a great colors choice for a much more eye-catching look. As the only guitar with an active EQ built into the body of the guitar (as well as an active volume control), the Fender American Jazzmaster uses its EQ to help shape its tone by adding both a single-coil and humbucker setup. The American Jazzmaster also features both a dual-voiced bridge and a master tone control for each pickup, letting you adjust the levels of both. Finally, an all-aluminum structure makes the guitar lightweight, and with the pointed headstock, it's fast and comfortable to hold. Featuring classic single-coil pickups, the Fender American Jazzmaster comes with a hardshell case and a hardshell gig bag to bring the guitar to gigs, and even has a premium hardshell pickguard. "It's still a fun little guitar to play. I got mine in high school and I started writing songs on it and then ended up playing in a band. The tone's good, especially with the single coil pickup in the neck position. You can do a lot of different things with it. I actually use it in a couple of my songs." The first electric guitars were made in the 1920s, but only became popular in the 1930s. Fender has been making electric guitars since the 1950s, and they've made some of the best. Their Stratocaster is considered the best rock guitar, and their Telecaster is considered one of the most popular classic guitars. The Telecaster has also been seen in many other genres, from ska, blues, and punk rock to metal and folk. The cherry picking and hammer-on, pull-off technique, which is commonly known as tapping, is used to produce a guitar effect in which the pitch of the chord changes suddenly and sharply. In some cases this technique may be used to produce a distinct sound that is otherwise not available on a guitar. Tapping is not common on acoustic or finger-style guitars, although there are a few rare acoustic models that are equipped with a few pieces of hardware to enable the player to perform the technique. Hammer-on, pull-off techniques are generally taught by playing along with the solo, and are executed




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Impact Soundworks Shreddage 3 Legacy (KONTAKT) [Updated]

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