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Adult Orthopedic Care

Our adult orthopedic PT program has a simple and effective approach. To get to the root of the musculoskeletal condition we assess how the body moves as a whole.  We use standardized tests and measures along with your target personal goals to achieve the best results. We create an exercise regimen along with our hands on manual approach that will have you back on your feet doing what you love in the gym, on the courts or in the garden. Each patient will be given a home exercise program to maintain their progress as well.


We are able to work with the following conditions:


-Ankle sprains

-Cervical pain, stiff or tight neck

-Frozen shoulder

-Hip pain

-Knee pain/ knee OA

-Low back pain

-Plantar fasciitis

-Shoulder impingement


We are eager to work with you to improve your strength, range of motion, posture, dynamic balance and coordination. Give us a call today!

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