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The Modern Doctor of Physical Therapy

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Written by: Dr. Yelena Bregman, PT, DPT

The current storm that rages through the medical world has left many patients overmedicated, undertreated and lost. Our culture unfortunately relies on quick fixes and small bandages over large oozing wounds. The truth is that most people are working tirelessly to provide for their families and simply "don't have the time" to take care of themselves. But let me ask you this, what happens when you ignore a chronic illness for as long as possible because you have a work deadline to meet? What happens when one day you wake up in excruciating pain and your body simply won't let you go to work? When we push our bodies past their limits both mentally and physically we are our own directors for a high impact explosion. The real question is who will be left to reconfigure the fractured puzzle pieces? That job that you paid for with your health, are they anxiously waiting for your return? Or are they filling your cold seat with the next qualified person?

Our health is the only currency that truly matters. Our minds and bodies are made to do extraordinary things, but only with the delicate pruning one would give a rose bush. Our bodies thrive with mindful movements through everyday functional tasks and exercise. Did you know that every little movement matters? Take notice of how you are sitting right now. Is your head forward, shoulders rounded, back slouched or legs crossed. Are you hyperextending your cervical spine (neck) to see the computer screen in front of you? Can you feel the tension building in your upper traps? When your child drops a toy and you bend over to pick it up, did you get a sudden ache in your low back? Or have you been lucky enough to have been touched by a Doctor of Physical Therapy already? An expert on the body and movement this health care professional perhaps already taught you the importance of optimal posture to decrease stress on the neck, shoulders and back to prevent strains and cervicogenic headaches. Perhaps you already know that one should always squat and engage their core to pick up things off the floor instead of bending the back to avoid stress on the spinal discs. The time has come for the physical therapy world to spread it's wisdom to as many as possible.

The Modern Doctor of Physical Therapy stands for prevention as well as hands on treatment to relieve pain, stress and limitations with functional tasks and movement. A good physical therapist will alleviate your pain and optimize your motion targeting a life lived to the fullest. A great physical therapist will teach you on what you can do in your every day life to keep your muscles and joints striving and thriving.

In the chaos that is our medical system, let the Modern Physical Therapist take care of you from your neck to your toes. Let us help you to live your best life by taking care of the most integral aspect of living, your health.

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